George Alex

George Alex

Mentor, educator, VIP teacher and interpreter

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Currently employed at Mentoring Club Ltd

Previous: SNBA, Excellency Ltd


Previous: Marylebone University



    VIP teacher in English, Business English and Online teaching - taught hundreds of people and organisations, incl. Wrigley, P&G, Skoda, etc. Interpreter - member of the Translators' Union in Bulgaria - from/to English and Bulgarian - interpreted for the Bulgarian President, Mikhail Gorbachev, ambassadors, prosecutors, companies, firms and individuals Mentor - working with hundreds of people to help them find their life purpose, get out of hard work with no results, stress and feeling of failure. Was part of a great Mentoring system, the school of Tom Big Al Schreiter and Michael Dlouhy - personal mentors. Can help you use a generic system and succeed in YOUR network marketing company. Educator - organised and led many seminars on personal development, types of personality, life skills, communication, soft skills... Charismatic and insightful lecturer and workshop moderator. Network marketer - since 1997 in several companies. I love modern school of marketing, not selling and bugging people, not leaving work but earning good extra income from home. For more information:


Mentor, educator

At Mentoring Club Ltd

From June 2009 to Present

Mentor, educator


From February 2016 to October 2016

General Manager, mentor, educator

At Excellency Ltd

From 1989 to May 2015


  • Interpreting
  • Mentoring
  • Online-Marketing
  • Teaching
  • Team building
  • Translating

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  • I love music
  • I love my family - my awesome wife and two great kids! Really proud of the
  • I love people: meeting people
  • I love traveling and going places.
  • books and... doing new and exciting things with exciting people...
  • talking and sharing with them.